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Too school for cool

Dear 11 year old me

You are not cool.  I don't think that this is news to you.  You are in your first year of high school and you have realised that you are definitely not one of the 'cool' kids.  You don't wear make up, you are not interested in boys and you don't like any of the music that the 'cooler' kids like.  You, with your love of Disney, science, the cheesiest of pop music and reading, you, with your drive to be the best in class and craving for academic praise,, are in fact a bit of a swot, a geek and a nerd.  Spoilers: This will never change, you will never be cool and you will always be bit of swot and a geek and a nerd.  And, you know what?  THAT'S OKAY.

A bit of a warning, there's going to be some bumpy years ahead.  There will be times where you feel like a loner.  You will always have friends, but for a while you will suppress your passions, the things that you really truly love in order to fit in.  You'll still love th…

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