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Danielle (Me)

The writer of the blog. The person totally muddling through life.  I like to think that I am a well educated person;  I have a 2:1 in Biomedical Science from Manchester university and a PGCE in Secondary Science yet somehow my nickname to family is dd (dopey dee) due to my general dorkiness, lack of common sense and general ability to fork (reference: 'The Good Place' on Netflix) things up.  I am the person who for years pronounced the word canal as can-el, who coined terms such as 'ballerina-ing' and 'devirginise' because the actual correct English language seems to fail me multiple times.  I am a mess of contradictions.  Verbally I am often incapable of clearly expressing myself, yet I am obsessed with crosswords (not the cryptic ones, I'm crap at them); I am a total introvert, any kind of social situation makes me anxious and exhausted, yet I loved drama at school, have performed on stage multiple times and have chosen a profession where I am in front of teenagers (arguably the toughest of all critics) every single day; I have a great memory for random facts such as films and who was in them but have gained a reputation for consistently forgetting personal items at friends and families house, hence the nickname (I am much better at that now but still slip up occasionally); I love my cheesy pop music and musicals, the only things I tend to listen to in my car are soundtracks and Disney music (my choice not the kids) but some of the best gigs I have ever been to were more indie punk e.g. Muse and Greenday.

I am a biology teacher, something which I will address and talk about at a later date.  I love it but boy, is it hard work.  I am a mother, a title which at times can be all consuming.  Most of all, I am me.. a clumsy, geeky, 'adult', aiming to be a good person and raise good people.

On 'Top of the World' on Snowdon

Lee (Mr Wood, baby daddy, my sometimes third child, reason why I'm still sane, sometimes my reason why I'm driven mad!)

Lee and met way back in 2006 when I was 21 and he was 23.  I had decided to attend a 'booster course' (a 2 week refresher course to ensure our GCSE level science was on point) which was being run by Manchester University who I was about to embark on my PGCE with.  Lee, on the other hand wanted to get into teaching via another route (yes folks, we are BOTH teachers, not only that we are BOTH science teachers).  He was aiming to start a programme which allowed him to train to be a teacher in the school where he was currently working as a learning mentor.  To get onto that programme (a GTP for those who want to  know) he had to attend some training courses provided by other universities, one of those courses was mine.  I remember him catching my eye the first time I saw him and went home checking my schedule after the first day to see if we had any other classes over the next two weeks in common.  We bonded over a brew one break time chatting about Jon Tickle (yes him from 'Big Brother' and 'Brainiac' fame) and he offered me a lift home in his beat up Fiesta, affectionally called 'Maggie'; he was going in the totally opposite direction so I declined but after some texting, flirting and a sneaky drunken kiss after a night out in Bolton the rest as they say is history.

We share a love of geeky stuff, although how much of that is my influence on him it's now hard to tell!  He is definitely cooler than I am in both in temperament and general 'street' coolness.  He has an arguably more cool taste in music and is far more clued up on politics and sports than I but he is a huge video games fan, will happily sit and watch Game of Thrones with me as well as science and history documentaries and we are both now obsessed with game shows such as Only Connect and House of Games on the BBC. 

Lee is my best friend, he is the water to my fire and keeps me level headed.  He is patient and kind and is an excellent dad to our boys.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I want to throw cushions at his head (or smother him with them) and once in a pregnancy induced rage did chuck a baked potato in his direction (don't worry it was baked and soft and TOTALLY missed, exploding into potatoey bits on the wall next to him) but, to paraphrase Charlotte from Sex and the City, he makes me happy everyday, not all day everyday, but yes, everyday.

A rainy day at Quarry Bank Mill

William, 9 (The one who made me a Mama, Willsibobs, Wills)

William was born in 2008 4.5 weeks premature, a tiny 4lb 7oz.  Since then he has brought so much joy to our lives.  He is such a kind, thoughtful and emotionally intelligent young lad.  He has such a thirst for knowledge and drives us insane by asking 'what does *blank* mean', 'what do you mean by *blank*' ALL OF THE TIME 😂, he excels at school and loves reading, writing and science.  He has recently gained a double bed in his room and slowly but surely his bedroom is becoming less little boy and more tweenager (is that still a thing).  Like his mum he loves Marvel and is my Marvel film buddy, he is obsessed with Black Panther at the moment and says Thor: Ragnorok was his favourite film.  He used to be very shy but as he has grown has become more confident and now happily engages in several different activities.  He sings in his choir at school, went away on a residential with his class for 4 days and is fantastic at dodgeball and basketball.  I can't believe he is in year 5 and will be going to 'big school' soon, where does the time go?

Blackpool Tower and pushing daddy out of the picture

Jonah, 5 (JoJo, Jonahbear)

Jonah was born in September 2012, year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calendar.  He was the most chilled baby and generally slept really well.  He's now grown into the cheekiest, funniest little thing who is generally very happy but knows how to dig his heels in if something doesn't please him.  He's currently in reception and has been since September and has learnt so much in such a short time, he loves reading everything, is fantastic at maths and insists on writing his full name 'Jonah Wood' on every card since he learnt to how to write it (though it took some convincing that 'Wood' was spelled w.o.o.d as "o.o. makes oo mama not u" he's not wrong, silly English language).

He is definitely the loudest most energetic child compared to his brother but he gives the best snuggles and adores his big brother above all others (even Batman who comes a close second).

On the waltzers prior to being made very, very dizzy - I screamed so loud!

So folks, that's us.  Our little family.  Check back to keep an eye our our exploits.

D x


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