You're never too old for Disney

Cheeky selfie with me and the Main Mouse
'It's weird when an a grown up likes Disney'  He says 'It's just creepy.'  I look at him the way that only a teacher can look at a 16 year old boy who has just decided to try and pass judgement on her life choices whilst simultaneously forgetting that he has just handed in a piece of coursework that I alone am in charge of grading!

Seriously, I love Disney.  Love. It. I am a huge Disnerd.  One of the first films I have proper vivid memories of seeing is 'The Little Mermaid' when I was 4 years old and that's mainly because Ursula scared the bejeesus out of me,  I was, and still am, an avid watcher of all films, a singer of all sound tracks and a collector of all merchandise and collectibles.  This joy bringing fandom of mine was something I was embarrassed of as a teenager, it wasn't cool, it wasn't until I hit my twenties that i stopped caring and unashamedly embraced my Disney side.

Oh hi, just rocking the Minnie Mouse woolen hat whilst riding the carousel in Fantasyland DLP.

I have taken my kids to see every Disney film possible, I even dragged us all to go and watch the repeat showings of Frozen last Christmas just so I could get to see 'Olaf's Frozen Christmas' at the cinema; I own a vast (and I believe impressive, Lee not so much) array of Disney mugs and last year my fellow Disnerd and I left behind our kids and went to Disneyland Paris, just us two grown up mums living it large in DLP.

Braving the freezing floor just to get 'the shot'
Disney makes me happy, it's magic and balm to my soul.  Maybe it's because it reminds me of being a kid, maybe it's because it's so unabashedly innocent and joyful, maybe its the ridiculously catchy tunes.  Whatever it is, i can be having a terrible day and I can walk into the Disney shop and feel automatically happy, i can walk into a Disney park and feel like I am 'home', I can watch a Disney film and feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  

It's like Terry Pratchett wrote in Discworld - humans need fantasies so that we can be human.  We need to believe in the little lies so that we can believe in the big ones like justice, mercy and duty.  We need to believe in things that aren't true or how else will they become?

I believe in the magic of Disney and all that it represents and if that makes me, a 33 year old proud Disnerd, 'weird' then I am proud to be a weirdo too.

D x


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