About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog

I'm Danielle, a 33 year old self confessed geek, disnerd, cheesy pop loving mum and biology teacher from Manchester. I have 2 boys, a 9 year old William and 5 year old Jonah, I also 'have' an overgrown man child in my long suffering better half Lee who makes sure I don't take myself and life too seriously and works hard at keeping me sane. 

I started this blog to share and capture our continued adventures as a foursome.  I want to share both the good stuff - the laughs, outings, love etc and the less than good stuff - the meltdowns (not just the kids), the tantrums (again not just the kids), the sometimes difficulties of balancing life, work and motherhood etc.  It's important to me to be 'real'; we live in a world where pictures in magazines and online are edited and airbrushed and where the lives shared by our peers on social media seem perfect.  Nothing can make a bad day feel worse than comparing yourself to unobtainable perfection leaving you feeling like a failure.  Thank goodness for the emergence of mummy bloggers/vloggers keeping it real, they are my inspiration and give me hope when my 5 year melts down because his drink is in the wrong cup!

Things which are likely to feature on this blog other than the ups and downs of raising small humans are things which I am passionate about such as Disney (so much Disney), superheroes (DC and Marvel, although my first love was 'X-Men the Animated Series' all the way back in the 90's), musicals (I could probably sing/'rap' my way through the entirety of Hamilton and Les Miserables) and books.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the blog

D x


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